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Author: frank

Frank is a pioneer in the use of integrated marketing communications techniques and is the author of a textbook and numerous published articles on the subject. His memberships in The Public Relations Society of America, American Association of Advertising Agencies, International Association of Business Communicators and Investor Relations Society of America span five decades. He has been certified by the Small Business Administration as a SCORE counselor. He taught marketing classes in four school district adult education programs. He was President and CEO of a Midwest advertising agency for ten years, and held key marketing positions with 3M, FUJI and others. He has provided marketing consulting services to numerous high technology startup firms, such as Templex Technology, Best Power Technology, Exide Electronics and CSI of Knoxville. All of these startups eventually went public or were acquired resulting in substantial financial return to the company founders. Frank's B.A. degree in Mass Communications is from The Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. “After surviving two tours of combat in Vietnam, there is nothing in the business world that scares me…unless they start shooting.”